Customer Process for Getting a Tattoo

Luna Ink Tattoo Studio, 133 Commercial Street, Newport, NP20 1LY

Your first visit

We will take all your details, ideas and references of what you want to have done. You will leave with a welcome pack and hopefully a smile on your face in anticipation for your new awesome upcoming tattoo.

We may take a booking or drawing deposit.

Design ready

You will be notified when your design is ready and will be able to view the design either in the studio or at home on your email.

Book a date

If you are happy to proceed with the design, the next step is to book a date and pay a booking deposit if this hasn’t been paid already.

Prepare for Tattoo Day

It’s essential that you get enough sleep, eat well and hydrate properly the day before.

If you want you can moisturize your skin a couple of days prior as the dryness level of your skin has a big impact on the result.

Tattoo day

Bring the signed and dated “Studio T&C” and “Customer Consent” forms.

Make sure you are on time and bring money as we expect payment upon arrival prior to starting the work.

For a longer sitting make sure you bring food or snacks and sugary drink to keep energy levels up as getting a tattoo is taxing for the body and immune system.

Please feel free to tag us in photos of your tattoo, we love to see our tattoo’s out in the world.

Healing your tattoo

All tattoos fade when they heal, the level of fading depends on how well the tattoo is looked after.

You will have received aftercare information which contains information on what to consider when healing your tattoo. The aftercare is also available online.

View Aftercare instructions

It’s recommended to use a tattoo aftercare product when healing your tattoo. You can purchase our favourite product in the studio.

Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport