Faqs and Disclaimers

Luna Ink Tattoo Studio, 133 Commercial Street, Newport, NP20 1LY


What age do you need to be to get a tattoo?
In the UK you must be 18+
Do I need to bring my ID?
Yes, if you are aged under 25 you need to show a photo ID, driving licence or passport.
I have a slight cold, can I still come to my appointment?
No, if you are showing any signs of illness you have to reschedule.
What are your minimum prices?
How do I book a tattoo?
Using our booking form on the website: Book an appointment
How can we contact the studio?
You can email info@lunaink.studio
Book an appointment
We do NOT answer direct messages (DM’s) on Luna Ink Facebook or Instagram, please use other options.
We do NOT answer on our PRIVATE social media.
Who can assist me with piercing questions?
Our piercer Betsy Bites, you can find her here.
How do I take care of my tattoo?
Our aftercare recommendations can be found here
How do I prepare for a tattoo?
Eat and sleep well, moisturise the area a few days before to get the skin smooth, take ibuprofen to prevent too much swelling of the area. NO alcohol 24 hrs before.
Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, we require a minimum of £50, all tattoos over £100 is a 50% deposit.
Can I get my deposit back?
No, deposits are non-refundable.
What if I need to reschedule my appointment?
You can do so one time, 48 hrs prior to the appointment, without losing your deposit.
Can I bring my friends and family to the appointment?
No, you must come alone.
How do I pay?
The studio accept cash, please bring the correct amount of money.
I’m a shy person and don’t want to be around people while getting my tattoo, what can I do?
We have a modesty room you can book. This needs to be booked in advance.
Do you do walk-ins?
Due to the coronavirus we are stopping walk-ins and only accept bookings.
I live far away, how can I have a consultation and pay deposit?
We will schedule a video phone call with you and a bank transfer for deposit.
Is your studio suitable for wheelchairs?
Yes it is and there are disabled parking spots outside the studio.

Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport