Photo of owner of Luna Ink Tattoo studio in Newport South Wales

Being recognised in male dominated industries can be difficult but women aren’t going to let themselves be stopped. Luna Ink is owned and run by the talented Jonki, who has herself had to deal with stereotypes in the tattoo business. Find out more about Jonki and how she has built her brand and career in the tattoo industry.

The tattoo industry has historically been viewed as a male dominated space and as such, has taken a long time to attract females into the roles of tattoo artists. The old stereotypes of tattoo studio’s being rough and intimidating places have been broken down over the years, meaning that more women than ever are both tattooing and getting tattooed. Like many stereotypically male industries, women face difficulties when venturing down those particular avenues but it hasn’t put them off pursuing their ambitions.

Luna Ink is owned and run by Jonki Silfwerax who has, herself, been subject to sexist attitudes. Having an additional tattooist who is male has meant that, far too often, Jonki is mistaken for the receptionist and people automatically think that the senior male artist owns the studio. As both a female tattoo artist and female business owner, Jonki has had to develop a thick skin to overcome sexism in both industries. But as the tattoo industry grows so do the attitudes of people within it.

Female artists have the ability to make safe spaces for women to have tattoos and feel comfortable in the environment. Studios do not have to be overly masculine anymore as their client’s veer away from the stereotypes placed on them. Tattoos in general, are now more widely accepted as art and respected in a way they haven’t been in the past.

There is still plenty to be done however, in both the tattoo industry and the business world to recognise females in traditionally male roles. While being mistaken for the receptionist is disrespectful enough, the assumption that you are not as good of a tattoo artist as your male counterpart is demeaning and disregards any and all of a female artists training and experience.

Jonki has built her brand over the years and worked hard to gain her credentials. As well as running owning and running Luna Ink for a number of years, Jonki has been tattooing since 2013 and has worked in Sweden, the Caribbean, the USA, London and now, of course, in Wales. She was invited to a dinner with the artists of Tattoo Nightmares while studying in Colorado and takes every opportunity to grow as an artist. In 2019 she was invited to train with the world’s top artists, spending four days at the Venice Interactive Tattoo Seminar in Italy.

Jonki, and other female tattoo artists, should not be underestimated and are busy putting their stamp on the tattoo world. Asking women if they’re sure they can tattoo is insulting when they have trained just as hard as any male in the industry. Every tattooist, male or female, should be judged on their work, there is no advantage in your ability to tattoo based on sex.

If you want your tattoo done by a female artist or often feel intimated about tattoo studios then make sure to pop by Luna Ink and be put at ease by our talented tattoo artist and successful business owner, Jonki!

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