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Everything you need to know about caring for your new piercing from us at Luna Ink in Newport, Wales. Check out our blog post on how to properly clean your piercing and what to look out for to make sure you get the best result. You can have piercings at Luna Ink by our professional piercer Betsy Bites.

All piercings are an injury to the skin and so they should be cared for as such. People often decide to get a piercing on a whim because they’re quick and they look great! But don’t forget to look after it properly or it won’t look quite so good anymore. In general piercings heal well but as it is a wound there is always a chance of infection if you neglect to clean it. Most piercers will direct you on the best way to care for your specific piercing but here’s the steps that we advise here at Luna Ink for the best result.

For piercings in general you should mix together 1 cup of boiling water with 1sp of 100% pure sea salt (not table salt) and let the solution cool slightly so that it is no longer boiling. With a fresh piece of kitchen roll, dip it in the water and hold it on the piercing for 30 seconds, then repeat this with another fresh piece of kitchen roll. You can also use a clean cotton bud, dip it in the solution and wipe around the jewellery to remove any excess scabbing and repeat on both sides of the piercing. Make sure that you are always using a fresh cotton bud or piece of kitchen roll.

If for some reason you are unable to access boiling water or sea salt, then you can use eye contact solution, which can be purchased at most supermarkets and drug stores. But whenever possible you should be using a salt solution.

For any oral piercings use anti-bacterial, alcohol mouthwash to clean your piercing by swilling it around your mouth for 30 seconds. If it is a lip piercing then clean the outside as directed with salt solution and use mouthwash for the inside. You can also swill your mouth out with salt water but it is recommended to use the mouthwash.

You should clean your piercings twice a day, in the morning and in the evening or after a bath or shower. Try to avoid submerging your piercing in the water where possible.

Do not remove the jewellery until it is fully healed or you have been advised to by a piercer. It is recommended that you wait for a minimum of 6 months for your piercing to heal but every piercing is different and every person’s body heals at different rates.

It is perfectly normal for your piercing site to become swollen (more so with certain piercings), red, scab over and develop bumps, this is part of the healing process. Any knocks to your piercing while it is still healing can cause it to swell again.

There is, of course, always a risk of infection with a piercing and you should look out for any signs of this. If the area around the piercing becomes very red, hot to the touch, swollen, painful or is bleeding or exuding excessive pus then this may be a sign of an infection. If this happens and is accompanied by a fever and a general feeling of being unwell then seek medical advice.

If you are concerned then you can consult your piercer. If you are worried at all about your piercing or you are worried that it may be infected do not remove the piercing. If the site is infected then removing the piercing can cause the skin to heal and trap the infection under the skin. Removing the piercing early can also disrupt the healing process. Do not remove the piercing unless a professional piercer or doctor has advised you to do so.

It is recommended that you wear either stainless steel or titanium jewellery because of its low nickel content, nickel can trigger an allergic reaction in some people, it can also cause infections and sometimes cause the body to reject the piercing.

Betsy Bites, our professional piercer here at Luna Ink, always uses stainless steel or titanium jewellery. With every piercing she will advise you of the best aftercare and healing times for the specific piercing you have chosen! She is happy to help you in any way she can you can find her on Facebook or Instagram.

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