Covering up your old tattoos at Luna Ink Tattoo studio in Newport

Do you have an old and faded tattoo, one that needs new life or reimaging? Or have you fallen out of love with your tattoo? Instead of thinking about getting removed, check out our post on why you should consider a cover up.

We all make mistakes; it happens to the best of us. Sometimes, that mistake is permanent and visible to everyone! A drunken night on holiday, an ex-partner you thought you loved, sometimes we get tattoos for the wrong reasons and come to regret them. But you don’t have to go through the costly and painful experience of getting it removed, cover up specialists can do wonders with ink you would prefer to hide.

Sometimes it’s not about regrets though. We all go through changes in our lives, both physically and mentally, this can sometimes affect the look of your tattoo or how you feel about it. Covering a tattoo isn’t always about disliking it, sometimes it’s about revitalising it or even reimagining it! Also, tattoos do fade over long periods of time, especially if they’re not cared for properly or protected from the sun (Click Here for our advice on how best to care for a new tattoo).

Example of a coverup using a realism rose at Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport front

For all these reasons, cover-ups are a popular option when someone has fallen out of love with their tattoos. The majority of designs can be covered though obviously, some will be harder than others, and that is where a cover-up specialist comes in. They can recommend what would work best with your existing tattoo, whether that be colour, design or size.

Here at Luna Ink we don’t want you to have regrets! Our artists can help you get excited again about your old tattoo!

Book an appointment with us today and start your new journey!