May the 4th be with you maship yoda star wars watercolor design by Jonki from Luna Ink Tattoo Studio

To all the Star Wars fans out there, May the fourth be with you! We love all things geek here at Luna Ink Tattoo Studio, Newport, and we are showing our appreciation for the franchise with a special discount on Star Wars tattoos. Make Star Wars into your new ink!

May the fourth be with you! It’s that time of year when we celebrate everything Star Wars. Not many film franchises will ever be able to achieve the longevity of Star Wars, spanning four decades and capturing the imagination of both young and old, generation after generation. Whether you’re a dedicated fan, a newcomer to the franchise or a casual viewer, this is a great day to show your appreciation for the nine-film series as well as the spin off films and TV series’ it has spawned. And let’s not forget Star Wars Lego!

Star Wars has given us new worlds to explore, unique characters to love and a complex battle between good and evil. And, of course, the iconic line ‘No, I am your father’, often quoted (and misquoted) and known by even those who have never seen the films (if such people exist!).

Mashup design lego starwars by Jonki from Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport

All fandoms are welcome here at Luna Ink and we love to geek out for a tattoo! If you’re a Star Wars fan then there is so much to choose from for your new ink. Whether you choose to go for realism or cartoon, we’ve got you covered. A large tattoo lends itself well to the franchise, with the room to incorporate much of what you love from the films. Of course, if you’re looking for something smaller, there’s always a little light saber or even a cute little BB-8!

Luna Ink would love to get to work on more Star Wars related tattoos, so, if you pay your deposit by 11/05/2020 we are offering 15% off Star Wars tattoo designs over £100 and your design can be worked on during lockdown. (This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.). Book an appointment to take advantage of this great offer!

While you spend this May the fourth celebrating Star Wars (and we hope, staying safe while you do!) why not think about celebrating with something a little more permanent.