Mad hatter alice in wonderland johnny depp mashup colour realism tattoo by Jonki at Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport

Are you planning your next tattoo? Size is important! If you’re finding it hard to make a choice check out our blog post all about the advantages and disadvantages of small and large tattoos. Hopefully we can help you decide what size you should be going for, for your new ink.

An important part of planning your next tattoo is deciding what size you want, whether it will be small or large. Of course, its not as simple as that but having a rough idea of the size you want is important. There are advantages and disadvantages to small and large tattoos, so let’s run through some of the pros and cons and hopefully it can help you decide the size of your new ink.

Large tattoos have an obvious advantage, you can fit far more in! From a detailed scene to a piece of art, large tattoos allow more room for creativity. You can incorporate so much into, perhaps, a back piece or a sleeve. If you love Marvel then a large tattoo gives you the ability to play with the whole universe. Can’t pick a favourite Disney character? Have your tattoo artist create a piece that combines multiple characters! (check out our Disney blog post here)

Stomach realism siluette tatoo black and gray by Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport

Tattoos, like clothes, can be a way for people to display their personality! Always loved art? Why admire it on the wall when your body can become a work of art. A large tattoo gives tattoo artists the freedom to design something beautiful without the limitations of size. The larger your ink the easier it is to display to the world, and why not show off the design you love?

Ohana disney linework tatoo by Jonki from Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport

It can be common for a person’s first tattoo to be small, it’s not always the case but dipping your toe in the water before jumping in is preferable to many. If your nervous for you first tattoo or unsure if you’re going to be able to tolerate the pain, then a small tattoo is a good choice for your first time! Don’t forget that small tattoos can often be incorporated into a larger piece at a later date. Another at advantage for some, is that small tattoos are easier to cover. If you work in a profession where they are strict about tattoos then making sure it is not too large will make it easier to cover when necessary.

Small tattoos can still be very impactful. Ribbons for illness, for example, can be a beautiful way to mark your journey in a very personal way and they don’t have to be large to be important. Tattoos are often very personal and not everyone has them for others to see, just because your tattoo is small, it doesn’t mean they’re not meaningful.

Ohana disney linework tatoo by Jonki from Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport

When deciding how big you want your tattoo, it is worth keeping a few things in mind. Money and time are the most obvious and that will always place restrictions on your choice. Obviously, the bigger your tattoo, the longer you will have to sit and in turn the more expensive it will become. If you’re desperate for a tattoo but don’t want to spend too much money then a small impactful tattoo might be a better choice. If you’ve saved for a large tattoo then make sure that you’re going to be able to sit for the tattoo, you can have multiple sittings (and sometimes that may be needed!) but that may alter the price of your tattoo. Don’t forget you’re not just paying for the design, you’re paying for the artists hard work, without that your idea would remain just that, an idea. If you’ve never had a tattoo before then make sure you’re going to be able to handle the pain! This will often influence your choice and you may not opt for a full sleeve straight away..

Keep the size in mind when you start planning your next tattoo. A good tattoo artist can recommend the appropriate size for your design. If it is heavy in detail then they may suggest sizing it up to do it justice! Take a look at some of their designs or past tattoos to get an idea of what size might be right for what you have in mind.