Getting your first tattoo at Luna Ink Tattoo studio in Newport

Getting your first tattoo can be a daunting prospect but here at Luna Ink we want you to enjoy the process and get excited for your new ink. Check out our advice for first timers, what to expect from your tattoo artist and what they require from you.

So, you plan on getting a new tattoo, great! But maybe it’s your first time and you’re a little unsure about what to expect, what should you think about, how should you prepare? We’re here to help with that.

The first thing you should be thinking about is what kind of tattoo you want! It seems silly but having an idea in mind will make things easier on everyone. Of course, for small tattoos there are designs you can peruse but take the time to consider what kind of design you would like.

When you come to the studio for the consultation, that’s the time to discuss your ideas with an artist. The artists here at Luna Ink, are able to make custom designs and prefer to do so. Most tattoo artists will not copy someone else’s design. A good idea is to bring along some ideas, maybe have a theme in mind or a particular style. Do you want colour or would you prefer black and grey? What size would you like it be? Where would you like it? All of these questions need to be answered but don’t worry artists can help with that too. The most important is not to expect an artist to read your mind!

Next, wait for your artist to complete the design, the time this takes varies depending on the detail, size and style of the tattoo. At Luna Ink you can either pop into the studio to see your finished design or view it at home via email. We will notify you when the design is ready!

Now is the time to get excited for your new ink! Once you’re happy with your design you can book a date for your new tattoo! Make sure it is a time that will suit you to save having to postpone it in the future.

The day before your tattoo (it’s nearly time!) make sure you are able to get plenty of sleep, eat well and keep yourself hydrated. If you are prone to dry skin then apply moisturiser as the day approaches.

Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport front

And now it’s here, the day of your tattoo! If you’re nervous then maybe take some time to do some breathing exercises. Don’t be tempted to drink alcohol, we won’t tattoo you if you have been drinking!

If you are getting a large tattoo, which means a longer sitting, then we advise you bring along some food, maybe some snacks or a sugary drink to keep your energy levels high!

Our tattooists will do everything to make you feel comfortable. Our tattoo studio is very welcoming, friendly and relaxed. We understand that some people may be anxious, especially when it is your first tattoo but we will do all we can to put you at ease!

And lastly, admire your new tattoo! We will provide you with the information to help care for your tattoo to ensure it heals properly. We love people to check in, leave reviews and tag us in the pictures of their healed tattoos!