Different ear piercings offered at Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport

Thinking about getting a new ear piercing or maybe your first one? Check out our blog post listing the different ear piercings that are available from lobe and helix to tragus and daith, find the perfect piercing for you. Have your piercing at Luna Ink Tattoo Studio, Newport, by Betsy Bites our resident piercer, book now!

Thinking about getting a new ear piercing? There are so many to choose from it can be confusing, especially knowing the names of what you’re looking for! Here is our run down of different ear piercings that are available to have!

There is of course the traditional lobe piercing, as well as the second lobe. The upper lobe (or third lobe) piercing is also a popular choice, in both ears or just the one. Lobe piercings make for a pretty, delicate look. These are extremely common first piercings and for some, their only piercings but why stop there!

Lobe stretching is a popular trend that has been around for a while now, which is easily done after having the traditional lobe piercing. This is done by using different size tapers (plugs) which gradually get bigger every week, this can be done by a piercer but can also be done at home.

The transverse lobe is not as common anymore but people still do choose to have them done. It is a horizontal lobe piercing done with a straight barbell.

A popular alternative to the traditional lobe piercing is the Helix or rim piercing, this is an upper cartilage piercing. Forward helix is also popular at the moment, the current trend with the forward helix is to have three in a row!

Tragus piercing by Betsy Bites Piercings from Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport

The tragus is a not very painful alternative to the lobe, this time in the inner cartilage. The anti-tragus on the other hand, is a more painful piercing and can take longer to heal but still looks great! The anti-tragus is pierced with a curved barbell. This piercing can swell more than other piercings but this is normal! The vertical tragus isn’t technically in the ear but is classed as an ear piercing! It is a surface piercing on the front of the tragus but one of the issues with these kinds of piercings is that if not pierced deep enough, they can grow out and can also migrate while healing, keep this in mind if you choose a surface piercing! These can be done with a curved barbell or a surface bar.

For lobe, helix and tragus piercings we use labret studs which can be changed once healed.

Tragus piercing by Betsy Bites Piercings from Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport

A daith piercing is traditionally pierced with a curved barbell but many piercers offer a continuous heart ring, a pretty alternative to the curved barbell. This piercing is often recommended to people with migraines, it has been scientifically proven to prevent and lessen them in some people, by severing the nerve that causes the migraines. Note, this does not work for everyone but the daith piercing is still aesthetically pleasing!

A slightly trickier piercing is the rook most often pierced with a curved barbell and is another one that is likely to swell quite badly, again this is normal and swelling varies from person to person with any piercing.

A snug piercing is another one done with a curved barbell and takes longer to heal; it is an uncommon piercing as it is particularly painful! Check with your piercer as to whether they do them or prefer not to.

Conch piercing by Betsy Bites Piercings from Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport

Next up is the conch piercing which also swells badly and is painful! We use a longer curved barbell or labret to compensate for swelling. The pinna (or outer conch) is a piercing in the flat surface area at the top of the ear, pierced with a labret.

Lastly! There is the scaffold (or industrial) which is two helix piercings which you would traditionally wear a long straight barbell in or an industrial bar. Here at Luna Ink, Bethan pierces with two curved barbells until it is healed and then it can be replaced with an industrial bar (an industrial bar can cause problems if pierced with originally).

And that’s our round up of the different ear piercings available! Different piercers use different names for piercings and you should check that your piercer understands exactly what it is you want.

Bethan is our resident piercer here at Luna Ink, she uses only titanium jewellery when piercing! You can find all of her information as well as age restrictions and prices on our piercing page. Book an appointment with Bethan on her Betsy Bites Facebook page.