Photo of realism mashup tattoo of Pink by Luna Ink Tattoo studio in Newport South Wales

If you’re looking for a beautiful unique tattoo then finding a good artist who can create a custom tattoo will make your new ink stand out from the crowd. Luna Ink is a custom design tattoo studio in Newport, South Wales and our artists work with many styles to create designs that are perfect for you.

For years we have seen trends in tattoos, in the same way we do with clothes and hairstyles. Seeing another person’s tattoo or viewing the plethora of images online can make us want to replicate that look. However, why copy someone else’s work when you can have a unique tattoo all of your own!

Many tattooists won’t tattoo an exact copy of someone else’s design but tattoo books have always been common in tattoo studios. When you decide to get a tattoo on a whim then having set designs to choose from means you can leave the same day with your new ink but it also means you may not be the only with it. Opting for a custom design allows you to have your own unique tattoo that no one else has!

Custom designs might seem like more work for a tattoo artist but it means they get to use their skills and express their creativity, don’t forget that tattoo artists are just that, artists! Many artists will have their own style that they utilise when designing but they work from the idea that you want! You may be inspired by someone else’s ink but when you go to a good tattoo artist with it as an example then you will end up with an amazing design all of your own.

Disney mashup tattoo siluette tattoo by Jonki from Luna Ink Tattoo Studio in Newport

Maybe you like flower tattoos or realism or cartoon! When you commission a custom design, you control what goes into your tattoo rather than sticking to a pre-set image. Add flowers to your Disney tattoo, mix genres and styles, brighten a basic image with colour! Tattoo artists can play with styles and add something unique to the idea you first had!

A great reason to choose a custom design is the ability to personalise it. Add names, dates or quotes, choose a classic design with a personal touch that makes your tattoo mean something to you.

Here at Luna Ink our artists prefer custom tattoos because they want everyone to have a tattoo unique to them. They are able to flex their skills to create an amazing design inspired by your ideas. When requesting a tattoo with us our artists ask for as much detail as possible so that they can get it right! They want the finished product not just to suit what you wanted but to surpass what you imagined. The more detail you give an artist, the less back and forth needed which makes it easier for them to get on with what you want!

You can request a tattoo from either of our artists by Booking an Appointment. Get started on the tattoo you always wanted and watch your idea come to life!