Disney theme full colour tattoo sleeve by Jonki at Luna Ink Tattoo studio in Newport South Wales

Luna Ink is a custom design studio in Newport and our artists love getting to work on a creative design. If you’ve been thinking about a tattoo sleeve then check out our post on what elements you should consider before taking the plunge. You can fill out a request form on our website to get your started on your tattoo sleeve!

Tattoo sleeves are a popular choice for men and women, if you’re looking to make a big statement with your ink then a sleeve is a great choice. Keep in mind that they can be a big commitment and you need to make sure you have both the time and the money before you start. There are a range of different factors that go into the price of a tattoo (check out our blog post here) and sleeves will often be multiple sittings so it is unlikely to happen all at once! Make sure to do some research to give yourself an idea of price and timescale.


  • Quarter sleeve – This is generally considered to be from the shoulder to midway to about your bicep
  • Half sleeve – This usually extends from your shoulder to your elbow
  • Full sleeve – This would be your entire arm from shoulder to wrist

If you want to be able to cover up a sleeve more easily then you might want to opt for a quarter or half sleeve but if you have no need to cover it or are happy to wear full length tops then a full tattoo sleeve gives you more room for creativity!


If you want your tattoos to be cohesive then you may want to think about a theme for your sleeve. Choosing a theme will make it slightly easier to choose the elements that will go into your tattoo and give your tattoo artist ideas to work with. For example, you could choose a nautical, Harry Potter, floral etc. design.


Some people opt for a pattern rather than images for their tattoo, this could be something like geometric or Celtic for example. A good tattoo artist will help take the elements from a style to create a design for you.

Colour or black and grey?

The style you choose might help you choose whether you want a sleeve in colour or black and grey, or even a mixture of both. If you opt for a theme like Disney, then it might be better suited to full colour but if you go more traditional you may prefer the design be black and grey. Either way don’t be scared to inject colour into your tattoo but maybe spend some time thinking about what suits your skin tone.

Existing tattoos?

A sleeve can be a good option when you want to cover up any existing tattoos or you could incorporate them into a new design that links them together. If you opt to combine them then you should plan this carefully to make sure that your finished sleeve doesn’t look too disjointed. The most important element is having a good tattoo artist who you can trust. Sleeves need to be well designed with the help of an artist who understands what you want and can interpret your ideas. Afterall, a sleeve will likely be your most visible tattoo. At Luna Ink, our artists are experienced in sleeve design and as a custom design studio, our artists love the chance to flex their skills with so much room to work with! If you’re ready to get started on a design then you can fill out a tattoo request form here.